As the day of the World Cup in Qatar draws closer, the tension among the supporters of the teams in the World Cup is increasing. There is no lack of interest in the jersey of the favorite team.


The Argentine jersey means Akashi and the white Michelle. The color of the Brazilian jersey will also be yellow, it can be said with closed eyes. Because the color of the national team jersey does not change much.

Meanwhile, a design of Argentina’s World Cup jersey has spread through social media. There are rumors that Messi-de Mariara will paint the World Cup in this jersey. 


Roy Neymar, founder of the Argentine football blog Mundo Albiceleste, tweeted a picture of the jersey, claiming it was going to be the World Cup jersey. And ‘Footy Headlines’ has leaked the picture of this jersey. 

The design of the jersey that has been spread shows that the design of the aqua-white jersey is getting a little different this time. The design on the front of the jersey will not be the same as the design on the back.


There will be three thick stripes of azure blue in white on the front, and two thin stripes in the middle of the two thick stripes on the back. There is also a black stripe on the bottom and on both sides of the jersey. There will always be three small parallel stripes on the shoulder.

Albiceleste supporters, meanwhile, have had mixed reactions to the leaked design. It is rumored that Argentina will unveil the official jersey next September. He has to wait until then. 

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