Argentine striker Lionel Messi also surpassed Portuguese superstar Cristiano Ronaldo in jersey sales. The Parisian club has sold more than 10 million jerseys since Leo joined PSG. Eighty percent of which is the number 30, Lionel Messi’s jersey, from which the club’s financial income is more than 800 million pounds. One year after Ronaldo joined Manchester United, the number of Red Devils is more than 350 million pounds.


Messi-Ronaldo, like two suns in one sky. World football has been illuminated for almost two decades. Supporters have been fascinated. Their personal duality with the team also goes hand in hand.

Various records of world football have been broken at the feet of these two legends. From Sporting Lisbon to Manchester, Real, Juventus again United camp. As if Cristiano loves to take on new challenges. On the other hand, Messi has found a home in Paris after spending a decade and a half in Bara. With one more point Cristiano went beyond.

As the first club in history, PSG has touched the milestone of selling 10 million jerseys in one year. Needless to say, the whole credit goes to Leo. Because, 80 percent of the total jersey sales, that is, Messi’s jersey has sold more than 6 million. Financially, it has crossed 600 million.

Last but not least, in the last one year since Messi joined, the sponsorship of PSG has increased by 13 percent. And 1.4 million new followers have been added through social media.


increased by 13 percent. And 1.4 million new followers have been added through social media.

On the other hand, since Cristiano joined Manchester, Manchester United has earned more than three and a half million pounds by selling jerseys. 75 percent of which is Ronaldo’s jersey. Which again holds the club’s record for the highest jersey sales in a single year.

Although Ronaldo is far ahead of Messi in personal performance. Because, in the second half, Ronaldo returned to Theater of Dream and scored 24 goals in 36 matches. However, the regret of not being able to take the team to the Champions League must have burned him, from which he may change the club this year.

On the other hand, Lionel Messi’s personal season did not go well for Paris. Although he won the league, he could not win any big title. That’s why La Parisians will be looking at Messi-Jhalak with financial gain this season.

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