Football superstar Messi is tasting the food named after him. An image that was seen recently. It has been almost three months since the world famous chain restaurant Hard Rock Cafe marketed burgers in the name of Messi. Finally, the captain of Argentina Lionel Messi tasted the burger with his own name.


Messi wrote with a picture of eating that burger on social media Instagram: ‘I am tasting Messi burgers on Ibizar hard rock.’ Messi is on the beach in Ibiza, Spain with family and friends during a break from European club football.

The UK-based chain restaurant Hard Rock Cafe recently launched a special burger in his name in honor of the superstar. The chain restaurant signed Messi as its goodwill ambassador last year on the occasion of their golden jubilee. They have a new five-year contract with the superstar.


As part of that deal, Hard Rock Cafe is adding this burger menu card to Messi’s name. They have also left a short advertisement about Messi on the occasion of marketing. Customers in the UK will only have to spend ১০ 10 to taste this burger. 1150 rupees worth of Bangladeshi rupees!

According to the company, the specialty of this burger named Messi Burger is that it will have two large beef patties in the middle of the brisket bun. There will also be several toppings, hard rock cafe skomi burger sauce, provolone loss, caramelized red onion and sliced ​​chorizo.


However, if you spend some extra money, you can get a whole egg fry with this burger, which will bring a difference in taste.

This chain restaurant called Hard Rock Cafe started its journey in London in 1971. With a total of 180 restaurants, 24 hotels and 11 casinos, the restaurant is headquartered in Florida, USA.

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