Vinicius Jr. is undoubtedly one of the most improved players in the top five leagues in Europe last season. In Real Madrid’s jersey, he was terrified of the opponent’s defense. The star, who was trolled by club supporters a season ago, has been praised by everyone this season. And that did not go unnoticed by his national team Brazil coach Tito. Seeing him, the Brazil coach remembers Neymar of 2014.


In 2014, Neymar showed magical football skills for both Barcelona and Brazil. Neymar’s run from the left wing made the opponent’s defenders tremble. The Colombian defenders sat down to break Neymar’s spine in the World Cup. Vinicius’ game for Real Madrid last season is reminiscent of Brazil coach Tito.


Real Madrid have regained La Liga and Champions League titles this season. Although Karim Benzema played a key role in Madrid’s royal team winning the doubles, Vinicius also has a big contribution to make. The Brazilian star was the third highest scorer in La Liga last season with 16 goals. He also has the most assists in the Champions League. The goal that brought the Los Blancos title in the final was also scored by this young man.


The pairing with Benzema at Real Madrid is sowing the seeds of hope that he will do the same with Neymar in the Brazilian team. She shared her thoughts on Vinicius in the ‘Sexta Estrella Podcast’. “When we were in practice, I told Vinicius, you are the 2014 Neymar,” he said. Because, Neymar of Barcelona and the national team of that time was in the wing. Now he plays occasionally. Many say Neymar will make a lot of mistakes if he plays there. However, his position is what makes him more wrong. Because, he does everything with creativity which becomes decisive. ‘


Vinicius has yet to show a glimpse of his success for Real Madrid in the national team jersey. That’s what the Brazilian coach wants you to do for Brazil. He said he had asked Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti for help.


“It took two years for him to mature in Real,” he told Spanish media Marca. But in the national team it has been much faster. It has become more instinctive for him, as if he has removed some weight from his shoulders. I asked Ancelotti for advice on what we can do, what kind of tactical work they do at Real Madrid, which will allow the players on the national team to do what they do at Real. ‘


Discussions with the legendary coaches who have won four Champions Leagues have come up with various theoretical aspects. In the discussion, he got a recipe to make it better. However, he did not publish them in front of the media. “Ancelotti and I discussed some situations in offensive football that would give him (Vinicius) the freedom to be more creative,” he said. The discussion was a beautiful and transparent discussion between the two coaches to bring out the best in him.

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