Three important Indian cricketers were hit by a corona before the Edgbaston Test. But Kohli is leaving the security zone and roaming around England. The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has banned their movement out of frustration over such activities.


While everyone is worried about the new corona attack in Europe, the Indian cricketers are breaking the security cordon and going around to England. In shopping malls, restaurants they are spending time unnecessarily. Taking pictures with supporters. And one cricketer after another is being attacked by Corona.

Rabichandran Ashwin and Virat Kohli were attacked in Corona when they arrived in England to play Edgbaston Test. The latest addition to the visiting squad is captain Rohit Sharma. Although Ashwin and Kohli have recovered, Rohit is in isolation. Therefore, it is uncertain whether he will play in the next Test on July 1.


The board, angry over the behavior of the cricketers, is now trying to handle the situation by imposing a ban on their movement. In an interview with ANI, a BCCI official said, “The board has warned some players to move outside unnecessarily. It is seen that some people are going and taking pictures with the supporters which can be horrible. Again, despite the ban, there was no benefit. So this time they have been asked to be more careful.


India toured England in September last year to play a five-match Test series. But at the end of four matches, they came back without playing the fifth match, showing Corona’s excuse. Originally, they had no choice but to return to the United Arab Emirates to play in the first match of the Indian Premier League (IPL). Because at that time it was compulsory for them to do isolation for six days in the Middle Eastern country.


however, explained that they would not play on the morning of the last match of the BCCI series, as a member of the team was attacked by Corona and could not play the last match. Again, it is not possible to play the match with a break of a few days. Because the participation of some of their important cricketers in the IPL will be uncertain. However, they later agreed to any schedule. The English are not going to give up either. Edgbaston is hosting the abandoned match on July 1 as it does not want to lose the series by 2-1.

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