There have been rumors for some time that Robert Lewandowski wants to join Barcelona. This time, his representative Cesare Kucharski says that the Polish star wants to compete in La Liga to prove himself better than Karim Benzema.


Instead of a summer team, Lewandowski’s main interest revolves around Spanish club Barcelona. The club at Camp Nou also has no shortage of interest in him. But due to the difficult conditions of Bayern Munich, they are not able to fulfill their wishes. Barারa have made an offer of 50 million euros for the Polish striker. But the Spanish giants want to sign the star for 40 million euros.


Meanwhile, his correspondent Kuchrsky is optimistic about Lewandowski joining Bar বারa this summer. However, his contract with Bayern Munich has one more year left.

“Barcelona and Lewandowski will continue to fight to reach an agreement,” Kucharsky told the media. I think he will fix the contract in Barcelona. It is possible. ‘


Although Sadio Mane was brought in by the German giants from Liverpool in the transfer market, their main star is still Lewandowski. Under which the club has won multiple Bundesliga titles and the Champions League trophy for the 2019-20 season. No club would want to lose such a star easily. So is Bayern. Why would Lewandowski want to join Barca despite being a club star?


“One of the reasons Lewandowski joined Barca is because he wants to prove himself better than Benzema,” said Kutchery. He has no other dreams. Football is a profession for him and he is very professional.

He added: “Lewandowski is pushing Bayern to get out of the deal. Bayern authorities also know he wants to go to Spain.


The Polish striker is now 33 years old. This may be his last cancellation in the battle for the best clubs in Europe in the team exchange market. Would Lewandowski, who likes diversity, finish his La Liga mission and join next?

Kucharsky said Lewandowski’s next destination after La Liga would be the US Major Soccer League. He said: ‘His plan was Germany now Spain. He will end his career in the United States.

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