Bad news for alcoholics. Visitors to the Qatar World Cup could face up to six months in prison if they drink alcohol outside the area. The organizing authority has confirmed the matter. Meanwhile, NATO will work for the security of the World Cup. FIFA has stated that bilateral meetings are underway with Qatar in this regard.


Qatar has no shortage of trying to be a successful host of the World Cup. The hosts are trying their best to attract tourists in various dazzling events. But in the meantime the bad news came for the drinkers. The host country is in a very strict position with alcohol throughout the World Cup.

As a Muslim country, Qatar’s laws on alcohol are already strict. But the idea was to relax there on the occasion of the World Cup. Because football fans from all over the world will gather to enjoy ‘The Greatest Show on Earth’. A large part of those who have the potential to drink alcohol.


Despite the ban, Qatar is not disappointing alcoholics. Authorities are arranging special bars for them at specific places. Where they can take alcohol without hindrance. The policy makers have also confirmed that alcohol can be consumed at beach clubs and stadium crowds once the match starts.

However, Qatar has imposed an age limit on alcohol consumption. He must be over 21 years of age to drink alcohol at a designated place or club. At the same time, restrictions have been imposed on the roads and open space under the influence of alcohol.


Drinkers will also have to deal with the cost in Qatar. Because the government of the country has imposed a separate tax on the national product of alcohol. As a result, extra money has to be counted. The country’s media is claiming that this tax can be increased at a percentage rate. The minimum cost will be six pounds.


Meanwhile, Qatar is expecting around 1.5 million tourists on the occasion of the World Cup. The organizing authority has taken special plan for their safety. NATO has extended a helping hand for this. Turkey has already sent 3,250 security officers to Qatar.

3,000 Riot police officers will work in Qatar with special emphasis on security. A number of other plans have also been taken up during the World Cup, including 100 Special Forces, 100 Bomb Disposal Units and Dog Squads.

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