During the FIFA World Cup, various airlines have come forward to reduce the pressure on hotels in Qatar. After Fly Dubai, this time Air Arabia will operate 14 shuttle flights daily from Sharjah to Doha during the World Cup. Anyone with a match ticket can come back from Doha to watch the World Cup match in one day at low cost.


Qatar still has about five months left in the World Cup. Millions of spectators from around the world are waiting to go to Qatar to join the football frenzy. Qatar is also preparing to welcome the world.


But there is still a fear. Many people are quite worried about that right now. It is about the accommodation of the spectators who go to watch the game in Qatar. With a size of only 11,500 square kilometers, the country is preparing to welcome about 1.5 million spectators on the occasion of the World Cup. But the total number of rooms in the country’s hotels is 1 lakh thirty thousand. In the meantime, the rent of many hotels has skyrocketed. So there are many alternatives to think about.


The neighboring country of Qatar is the United Arab Emirates. Despite not being able to take part in this year’s World Cup, a huge number of spectators from the football-crazy country will go to Qatar to watch the game. The country’s private airlines are doing so with alternative plans.

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