‘The football world cup will be screened on November 21 in Qatar, a country in the Middle East. However, fans have been warned in advance before the start of the football festival.


It has been reported that anyone engaging in illicit sex, partying overnight or having homosexuality could face up to seven years in prison at the upcoming Qatar World Cup. Meanwhile, FIFA, the guardian of world football, has asked fans to show their best behavior at the World Cup. 

Who does not know the conservative country Qatar. The rules that apply to European countries are banned in Qatar, a country in the Middle East. From free sex to alcohol, there are rules in everything. For football fans, this year’s World Cup is going to be ‘conservative’. Violation of the rules can lead to severe punishment.

After the game of the favorite team, there is an overnight party or hustle and bustle. These familiar scenes of the Football World Cup may not be seen in this year’s event. Because these are forbidden in Qatar. Even if you come to the hotel to watch the World Cup, you can’t have sex without a husband and wife. In particular, ‘One Night Stand’ is strictly prohibited. Violation of the rules can result in imprisonment for up to seven years.

this is the first time in the history of the World Cup that the fans are going to face such a situation. According to the British media ‘Daily Star’, ‘Mirror’ has reported such news. UK law enforcement has also warned.

Homosexuality and extramarital sex are completely banned in Qatar. The country has penal provisions if such allegations are proven. There is even a ban on alcohol. 

Meanwhile, FIFA chief executive Nasser Al Khater said at the World Cup in Qatar: “The safety of every supporter is very important to us. But showing personal love in front of everyone is not the culture of our country. That applies to everyone. ‘

Qatar’s Supreme Committee has also warned everyone. “Qatar is a very conservative country,” said the general secretary of the Qatar Football Association. Not much is possible here. Homosexuality should only be expressed in countries where it is allowed.

World Cup organizers say their main goal is to ensure the safety of guests. So the organizers do not want anyone in their country to be in danger. Meanwhile, many visitors who plan to travel to Qatar from abroad may be disappointed to learn of such rules. 

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