The Brazilian coach is optimistic enough to be the champion in the upcoming World Cup in Qatar. Selesaora is quite confident with the team’s recent form and skilled coaching staff. That is what coach Tito said. Although he did not say anything about Neymar’s retirement after the World Cup in Qatar, Celesao commented that it was Neymar’s generosity to give opportunities and encouragement to the junior footballers in the team.
Qatar has 5 months left before the start of the World Cup. Meanwhile, the World Cup frenzy has spread all over the world. Speculation is going on among the fans. Who will win the World Cup title in Qatar?

Read more: Brazil national football team coach Tito said, ‘I am optimistic and focused. We have reached the World Cup well. Now is the time to reach the final and become the champion. That is the truth. In the previous World Cup, I did not get a chance to work full time. This time I have worked for full four years. Expectations are so much higher. But we want to focus on our work. Rumors have been circulating for some time that Neymar may retire after the Qatar World Cup. So this World Cup could be his last World Cup in a Celesao jersey. The coach, however, is not too worried about it. In his eyes, Neymar is still the best star of the team.

 Brazil, Argentina is one of the favorites. Among them 5 time world champion Brazil. Which is the highest achievement of any team in the history of FIFA World Cup. Brazil last won the World Cup in 2002. Two decades have passed since then. 5 World Cups have passed. However, they could not win the World Cup. Will Selesaora be able to regain the title in the upcoming World Cup in Qatar?

The Celesao coach is optimistic enough to win the upcoming World Cup. He thinks his team is a big contender for the title in Qatar World Cup.

Regarding Neymar’s retirement, he said, “Neymar is Neymar. His comparison and himself. She is our biggest star. The importance of Neymar is that he always helps the youth of that team to improve. Gives them a chance to do better. Neymar has become a lot over time.

Brazil qualified for the World Cup in Qatar with the highest points from the Latin American region in the World Cup qualifiers. Brazil have not conceded a goal in 13 of their last 16 qualifying matches. He has scored an average of two and a half goals per match.

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