The World Cup qualifier between Brazil and Argentina took place in September last year. However, the Brazilian Ministry of Health stopped the game within five minutes of the start of the match, alleging that four Argentine players had violated Corona protocol. No settlement has been reached with that match even today. However, FIFA has set the time. The match of the World Cup qualifiers will have to be organized by September 22.


After the World Cup qualifiers, both Brazil and Argentina have taken their place in the World Cup. But the two former world champions will not be able to pass without playing that match in the qualifying round. FIFA has given the obligation to organize the match by September 22. As the host of the match, Brazil will decide where the venue of the match will be.

However, Brazil does not have much time to fix the venue. The Brazilian Football Federation (CBF) must notify FIFA and the Argentine Football Association of the venue by Wednesday (June 22). The venue will be final only if Argentina agrees.

So far, the CBF has considered three venues for this match. The first is a field in Europe. If Argentina agrees to play there, Brazil will also want to play a friendly match with one of the European teams. If that is not possible, the match is being planned in the United States. Brazil has been playing in the United States for a long time. Despite playing there, Brazil will play a friendly match with another third team.

If neither of these is possible, the Super Clিকsico will be held on a field in Brazil. However, in that case, the possibility of playing a friendly match with any other team will come down to zero quota.

The Brazilian Football Federation held a meeting on Monday (June 20) to discuss the issue. However, no decision was known. FIFA and AFA will be officially notified on Wednesday where the match will take place.

Although it is a competitive match of World Cup selection, the match has become unimportant. In the meantime, both the teams have confirmed the World Cup. Brazil has secured the top spot in the Latin region with 45 points. Argentina in second place collected 39 points. Apart from the fight for dignity, this match has no importance. 

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