FIFA, the highest governing body of football, announced the venue of the 2026 FIFA World Cup on Friday morning, Bangladesh time. The 48-nation World Cup will take place in 16 different venues in three North American countries, the United States, Mexico and Canada.


As already known, for the first time in 2026, 48 countries will participate in the Football World Cup. As a result, the number of matches will naturally increase. So in Qatar where the World Cup will be played in 6 fields, there will be 16 games in the next four years.

FIFA has announced that the entire World Cup will be played in 11 venues in the United States, three in Mexico and two in Canada. For the first time in the 2026 World Cup, the three countries will have a World Cup together. The last time the World Cup was hosted by more than one was in 2002.


The venue for the 2026 World Cup is New Jersey / New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, San Francisco, Miami, Atlanta, Seattle, Houston, Philadelphia, Kansas City, Missouri, Boston, Guadalajara, Mexico City, Monaco.

When the United States hosted the 1994 World Cup, the final match was played at the Rose Bowl Stadium in Los Angeles. However, this time there will be no game on that field. Sophie Stadium in Los Angeles has been chosen instead.



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