As the day of the Qatar World Cup draws closer, tensions are rising. From the media to sports fans and even fans, everyone seems to be deprived of sleep in the meantime. Which team is the favorite, Karai-or wins the crown of excellence in world football, there is a lot of cutting going on. Strong practice is going on about who can be a big obstacle on the way to the final of the favorite team.


This year’s World Cup is something special for Argentina. Because, this is going to be the last World Cup of football magician Lionel Messi. However, no official statement has been received in this regard. But the next World Cup will be in 2026. At that time Messi will be 39 years old! There is a concern about the form, fitness or not. And so Albiceleste fans are dreaming around this year’s event.

There are many reasons to dream. In addition to beating arch-rivals Brazil to win the Copa Amrica, La Finalisima seems to be on the cusp of excellence. Apart from this, the last rate was recorded three years ago. Unbeaten Lionel Scaloni’s followers in 33 matches so far. Messi will set a world record if he maintains this continuity in 5 matches.

Argentina, the top favorite of Qatar World Cup, will start the mission in the fight for the third title. The way Albicelestera can go to the final.

Argentina is in Group C of the 32-team Qatar World Cup. Their opponents are Saudi Arabia, Mexico and Poland. If nothing happens, Messi-de Mariara will be the group champion. The current performance of the team also indicates something like that. In that case, the group champion Argentina will face the runners-up team of ‘D’ group in the knockout stage.

where they could face current champions France, Denmark, Australia or Tunisia. Karim Benzema-Mbappe’s France are naturally ahead in the race to become Group D champions. As such, Denmark is likely to be runners-up in Group D. Argentina will play as favorites against the Danes – that too.

Argentina will have to face a big test in the quarter finals if they can beat Denmark in the Super Sixteen. Messi will play against the last 16 match-winning team between Group A champions and Group B runners-up. The Netherlands have a chance to win Group A. Wales, on the other hand, could be second in Group B after England and advance to the last 16.

In that case, the Netherlands and Wales will play in the last 16 and the Dutch are more likely to face Argentina as the winning team in this match. In other words, in the quarter-finals (56th match) Argentina’s potential opponent could be the Netherlands, the runners-up team of the 2010 World Cup. Messi’s opponent in the semi-finals of the 2014 Brazil World Cup was also the Dutch. The game was played in tiebreaker. Where Argentine goalkeeper Romero’s superhuman performance helped the team reach the final.

Argentina will have to play against the winner of the 57th match as the winner of the 57th match in the 71st match of the semi-final, if they can beat the Netherlands to reach the top four. The winning team of the 53rd and 54th matches will fight in the 57th match.

play in the 53rd match according to the equation, potential champions of ‘E’ group Germany and runners-up Croatia of ‘F’ group Croatia. Where the favorite is Germany. On the other hand, in the 54th match, Brazil, the potential champion of ‘G’ group and runners-up of ‘H’ group, Uruguay will fight. Where Brazil will be ahead.

Brazil and Germany are set to meet in the quarter-finals in the 57th match. The winner of this match will play Argentina in the semifinals. If Brazil wins the 57th match, then the semi-final will be in the Super Clিকsico match. In whose hope the football world sits. Otherwise, Argentina will have to fight against Germany. Who made Messi cry and win the World Cup for the fourth time in 2014?

Argentina will play in the final of the world stage if they can pass the test of the semi-final. Messi-de Mariara will take part in the title fight on December 16 at the Lusail Stadium in North Doha.

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