Belgium, ranked second in the FIFA rankings, started the UEFA Nations Cup in a bad way. The Netherlands flooded them with goals. However, the De Bruyne-Hazards did not take the time to turn around. Belgium beat Poland 6-1 in their second match on Wednesday (June 7).


Both teams took to the field with their full strength team. However, their key star Romelu Lukaku was absent from the Belgian squad. Belgium captain Eden Hazard, on the other hand, returned to the field after a long absence.

From the very beginning, Belgium has been giving the gift of tidy football. Hazard also created the opportunity for the first goal. But the Belgian players were repeatedly missing goals. But the goal miss rehearsal ended in the 26th minute. However, not Belgium, Poland got the goal.


extends contract through Sebastian Zymansky extends to Robert Lewandowski in the middle of the box. The Polish star beat Mignolet by taking advantage of the Belgian defense’s negligence or by a great shot from the foot. 

Belgium woke up after scoring a goal. Axel Witsell equalized for Belgium late in the first half. Timothy Kasten extended the pass to him in the 42nd minute of the match. Witsell scored with a low shot from outside the box. Belgium took on a more terrifying form after the break. Gune Gune scored five goals in the opponent’s net.

De Bruyne led the team in the 59th minute with a pass from Hazard. 14 minutes later Leandro Trussard scored another goal in the Polish net. Tursard’s goal again in the 60th minute. This time the helper is Carasco. Trussard made it 4-1 in his corner.

Three minutes later, Leander Dendankar entered the score sheet. Lois Openda hammered the last nail in the coffin of the Polish in the added time. He scored the goal with a right foot shot from outside the box six yards through Thorgan Hazard. Meanwhile, the Netherlands has won another match of the group. They beat Wales 2-1.  


victory as Belgium finished second in Group A with two wins, one win and one loss in Group A. Poland are three points behind in goal difference despite equal points in equal matches. The Netherlands is at the top with 6 points with two wins in two matches.

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