After losing to Italy and winning the final, the Argentine football team has broken the barrier on the field. The celebration did not stop even after going to the dressing room. Rather the level has increased further in the dressing room. The Argentine players also pulled their arch-rival Brazil into the joy of winning the second title in a year.

A viral video spread through social media shows Argentine players singing to the chagrin of Brazil. The lyrics of the song were, ‘What happened to Brazil? Are the five-time champions scared? ‘



The celebration of the Argentine footballers was not well received by the Brazilian fans. The Albiceleste have also been criticized for pulling another team into their own merriment. This time Brazil star Neymar Jr. also joined.



A video of Argentina celebrating the song was uploaded from a profile called Football is Art on Instagram. There, Lionel Messi, Angel Di Maria, Neymar wrote in the comment box, “Did they win the World Cup?”




This comment of Neymar has gone viral in a moment. As of the writing of this report, there are 26,006 likes in the video of Football is Art. There are 26,192 likes on Neymar’s one-sentence comment.



However, apart from the Brazil-Argentina duo, Messi and Neymar are very close friends in their personal and playing lives. They have played together in Barcelona for a long time. Now in Paris Saint Germain. In addition to Messi, Neymar played with Angel Di Maria and Leonardo Pardes.

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