The World Cup title is the biggest thing in any footballer’s life. It is everyone’s dream to kiss the golden title and hold it in both hands. But many Rathi Maharathi’s career imperfections have become a World Cup title. French midfielder Paul Pogbar has had the good fortune to emerge from the World Cup stage with a medal around his neck. France beat Croatia 4-2 in the final of the 2018 Russia World Cup to win the title. The Pogbar medal won in that World Cup was stolen.


The 29-year-old Pogba, who played for Manchester United, was robbed at his home on Tuesday night (March 15). Pogba was playing in the second leg of the knockout stage of the Champions League that day. On the day of Atletico Madrid’s 1-0 defeat, another piece of bad news awaited Pogba. The thief broke the locker of the house and took away the World Cup medal, the memorial of Pogbar’s world victory!

Pogba said three thieves broke into his house on the day of the match. He then broke the locker, stole valuables and fled. When Pogba goes to see the incident, he sees the thief running away with his World Cup medal and his mother’s jewelry. Pogba said, ‘I found out that the house was stolen. Three men came and broke the locker of the house. My mother’s jewelry, my world champion medal was stolen. ‘

But Pogba panicked for another reason. Her two children were at home at the time of the theft. While the thief was stealing, the woman in charge of caring for the children locked the house with the terrified children and ambushed them. Fortunately, they were not harmed.

“The most frightening thing was that at that time my two children were at home with their nanny,” said Pogba. He understood the matter and called my wife and security guards. Then he entered a room and locked the door with the children. He still couldn’t get over the incident of that day. The most comforting news is that my children are well. ‘

The midfielder, one of the best of the current generation, scored Russia’s third goal in the World Cup final against Croatia.

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