Manchester United’s relationship with Paul Pogba is coming to an end. Came to Old Trafford as a young player. Manchester’s youth team spread his talent in Europe. Pogba, who was unable to get a place in Sir Alex Ferguson’s squad, then went to Juventus and became a flower and the grief increased with the Red Devils. He had to buy his own son at a cost of 100 million. The World Cup-winning French midfielder is leaving the team again after spending 6 years at Old Trafford.

It was heard that this was the last season at Manchester United, French midfielder Paul Pogbar. Even so. Manchester United posted a collage of some photos of Pogbar on Twitter. There’s a caption – ‘Once a Red, Always a Red. Thank you for everything you have done for United. ” That’s how it became clear that the Red Devils are breaking ties with Paul Pogba, who bought the world record for the transfer of the team.

The club had a contract with the French midfielder until June this year. Pogba was not interested in a new contract with Manchester. The club was not interested. So both sides did not walk the path of the new agreement. Pogba is leaving Manchester United as a free agent for the second time.

Pogba joined Manchester United’s youth team in 2009. Despite being called up to the senior team in 2011, Ferguson could not be trusted enough to enter the field. So he did not get a chance to play more than three matches. Pogba left Old Trafford in 2012 as a free agent. The Red Devils have to lose one of the talents of the youth team for free.

Pogba will never forget the time till 2012-16. In the four years he spent at Juventus, the Frenchman established himself as one of the best midfielders in the world. Scudetto made the moya of the hand, also played in the final of the Champions League. With Pogba-Pirlo-Vidal, one of the best midfields in Europe, the old men of Turin.

China’s sorrow is called the Yellow River. The grief of the Red Devils is like Pogba. Seeing the performance of the player of the academy, ManU became desperate to get him. The Red Devils returned Pogba home at a cost of 105 million euros. That great Pogba of Yuvraj is no longer found in ManU. Pogba spent the next six years at Old Trafford as an arrogant boy.

Pogba has found himself lost in Manchester United and has been summoned by the European superpowers. Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​PSG all want him. As soon as the transfer season started, rumors started circulating about Pogba. However, this time when he is leaving the camp of Red Devils, he is returning to the former club as his new address. According to the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera, the 29-year-old French midfielder is very close to his contract with Juventus. Which means it’s about to be the most delusional time of the year, as well. Pogba-United-Juventus is like a love triangle. The English club where the failed boyfriend lost everything.

And along with the profit in this love story, Juventus. After getting such gems for free, they are returning them at a high price and collecting them again for free. That’s what business is all about!

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