Argentina beat Italy in La Finalisima to win the Copa America and the Euros. After 29 years, Albiceleste lost 3-0 to Mancini’s side in a battle to prove the superiority of the two continents.

Lautaro Martinez, Angel Di Maria and Paolo Dibala all scored for the team on Wednesday (May 1) at the famous Wembley Stadium in England. Captain Lionel Messi contributed to both of the three goals.

Argentina dominated the first half of La Finalisima. Holding the ball 54 percent of the time in the first half, they took 6 shots, 3 of which were on goal. In contrast, 2 of the 5 shots taken by the Euro best were on goal. But Emiliano Martinez’s gloves failed to evade the Albiceleste wall.

At Wembley Stadium in the first 6 minutes of the match, Messi faced an obstacle on the way to the Italian defense with the ball. Free kick tune on referee’s whistle. However, the shot taken by the free kick magician from outside the D-box did not reach the goal of Italy. The Euro winners went on the first attack in the 12th minute of the match. But the Albiceleste goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez’s faithful gloves could not beat that shot.

In the 20th minute of the match, the winners were saved by digesting the goal. Giovanni de Lorenzo’s shot was cleared from the front of the goal by Argentine defender Christian Romero. Italy got a free kick from outside the box in the next minute. But they could not use that opportunity.

In the 28th minute of the match, Messi’s powerful shot came back after being blocked by the Italian defender. After two minutes, Messi could not stop the defense of Banucci. Lionel Messi took possession of the opponent’s left corner in the 28th minute of the match. Lautaro sent the ball to Martinez by evading the footballers of the Italian defense in the footwork.

Martinez wrapped the ball in the net with a light touch from the penalty area. Messi’s PSG teammate Gianluigi Donrumma could not reach the ball with outstretched hand.

In the 39th minute of the match, Messi hit Leonardo Banucci and fell to the ground. Although it seemed serious at first, after a few minutes he got up and returned to the Argentina camp in relief.

De Maria hit a second before going to the break. Laotaro Martinez snatched the ball from Baruchchi’s leg and went on every attack. Enter the opponent’s defense and increase the ball towards De Maria. Maria made no mistake in catching the ball. In the first half, Argentina finished 2-0.

After the break, the Kopajis dominated the attack again. Before that, Italy was about to digest a suicide goal in the 56th minute of the match. Donarumma saved the team from another goal digestion by blocking the ball from the right side of the goal line. At that time, the footballer of the Italian defense passed the ball to Donarumma to clear the ball by snatching it from Argentina, which was attacking every time.

In the 59th minute of the match, De Maria was denied a second goal by Donarumma. In the 61st minute of the match, the Italian goalkeeper returned the powerful shot taken by the Argentine striker and disappointed the goal wall of Italy. Manuel Laznini wasted a great opportunity in the 64th minute of the match. In the next minute, Messi went to each attack with the ball, showing the best of Giorgione in the face of entering the Argentine defense. The little magician took a shot towards the goal by entering the defense of the single dominated Euro winners.

But even in this journey, Donarumma saved Italy from goal digestion. Messi’s PSG teammate resisted him and disappointed him again in the 7th minute of the match. In the 61st minute of the match, Giovanni de Lorenzo was shown a yellow card for fouling Messi on the way to the Italian defense. In the next minute, the Argentine superstar failed again with a freak from some distance in the D-box. In the 6th minute of the match, Nicolo Barela got a yellow card for fouling De Maria. In the 81st minute of the match, Lanzini failed to score despite receiving the ball in the penalty area. In the extra minute of the match, Lionel Scaloni replaced Paolo Dibala with Lo Celso. By then, however, the victory was assured to Maradona’s successors.

Dibala came down to the field for only 4 minutes and gave salt to the wounds of Italy. Messi stepped forward with the ball in the last minute of added time. Going into the D-box to take a shot, he slipped from his leg. Dibala, who was next to him, went ahead and wrapped the ball in the net. After five great saves, Donarumma failed to return the sixth shot. Argentina beat Italy to win the World Cup.

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